Keeping Your Carpets and Floors Clean

Three reasons to opt for timber flooring

If you need new flooring, it's worth opting for timber. Read on to learn why.

It could save you money in the long run

High-quality timber flooring usually costs more than cheaper types of flooring, such as linoleum or laminate. If your budget is quite small, you might be considering using a low-cost material instead of timber. However, if you want to save money in the long run, it would be wiser to opt for timber flooring, as the lifespan of linoleum and other 'economy' flooring materials is significantly shorter than that of timber.

If you choose to lay linoleum in your kitchen or bathroom, you will probably find that it tears and develops ripples or indentations in a very short period of time; if this happens, you will then have to replace the entire floor. This could lead to you spending more overall than if you had simply purchased timber flooring in the first place.

It will look great for years to come

Many people argue that because laminate flooring looks almost as good as timber flooring, it makes more sense to opt for the former rather than the latter, as it tends to be less expensive. However, whilst cheaper flooring materials might look similar to timber, they are nowhere near as robust. If fitted in a high-traffic area of your home, laminate flooring will quickly develop irreparable scratches and stains. This type of damage can affect the look of the entire area in which the laminate is located, giving it a dilapidated and unkempt appearance.

Conversely, timber flooring is durable enough to withstand constant foot traffic, spillages and impacts, without developing unsightly stains and scratches. As such, whilst a laminate floor might begin to look worse for wear after a few months, a timber floor will continue to look as good as new for several years.

It's more hygienic than carpeting

If you're trying to choose between carpeting and timber flooring, it's worth noting that the latter is far more hygienic than the former. Even when hoovered on a regular basis, the fibres of a carpet are often teeming with bacteria, soil particles and dust mites. If you have pets, the carpets could also end up stained by their toilet-related accidents and contaminated with fleas.

Timber, on the other hand, is extremely easy to keep hygienically clean. This is largely because there is nowhere for dust mites, bacteria and fleas to hide; they simply remain on its surface and thus can be removed very easily with either a sweeping brush or a hoover.