Keeping Your Carpets and Floors Clean

The Dos and Don'ts of Caring for New Timber Floors

Timber floors offer a timeless elegance to any home. They are also very easy to keep clean compared to carpet. However, as the owner of new timber floors, the way you maintain your floors makes all the difference in how long they stay looking fresh and fabulous. Use the following tips to keep your timber floors looking as good as new.

1. Do Sweep at Least Once a Week

Timber floors show dirt so you are going to want to sweep regularly to keep the floor looking good. But, did you know that regular sweeping prolongs the life of the floor too? That is because abrasive dirt left on the timber will scratch the surface when it is stood on. As feet drag the dirt over the timber, small scratches are left behind. Over time, these build up and permanently damage the wood.

2. Don't Use a Steam Mop

Although it may seem like a fast way to clean the timber floor, a steam mop does long-term damage to the timber. The hot steam damages the protective barrier on the timber. This means the timber loses its protection against future water spills. Additionally, if the floor barrier is weakened, moisture could penetrate the wood and cause it to rot. If you do need to mop your timber floors, use a cold water mop and only use it for spot cleaning.

3. Do Protect with Rugs and Runners 

Timber floors are a great choice for high traffic areas because they are easy to clean, but adding rugs and runners to these areas prolongs the life of your floors. Pet claws, dirty feet, and shoes caked with debris are all items that scratch the surface of the timber. All these items damage and weaken the timber over time. Adding rugs and runners to high traffic areas means the fabric takes the brunt of the damage rather than the timber. Rugs and runners can also be easily removed when you want to show off the beauty of the timber floor underneath.

Before the last piece of timber is laid to your new floor, have a chat with your contractor about which cleaning products they recommend to keep your new timber floors looking their shiny best. This way you can be confident that the floors will last for a long time and you can then concentrate on renovating and updating other areas of your home.