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Reasons Laminate Flooring Is Suitable For Pet Owners

Being a pet owner comes with a host of rewards, primarily having another being that offers you onset companionship as well as unconditional love. Nonetheless, owning a pet also does have its unique set of challenges. The most prominent drawback of having a furry friend being the degree of destruction that they can wreak on your interiors. Therefore, it is prudent for pet owners to put careful consideration on what building supplies they use for their interior décor to ensure that their home will be able to withstand a boisterous dog or cat. Floors are one of the most attacked areas of the house, as this is what the pet is in constant contact with. The following are a few of the reasons why you may want to consider switching to laminate flooring if you own one or multiple pets.

Laminate flooring provides great durability

The principal consideration to have in mind when choosing flooring that would be suitable for pet use is its durability. Not only would the flooring materials have to be capable of withstanding heavy traffic, but also the surface should also be resistant from scratches, gnawing and other forms of wear that would be caused by excitable pets. Laminate flooring is an extremely durable material as it is highly wear-resistant. Unlike other forms of flooring, for example, timber that will easily acquire superficial damages in the form of dents and chips, you can be assured your laminate flooring will stay attractive even as your pets routinely play on top of it.

Laminate flooring can prevent slipping

An often-overlooked consideration when it comes to flooring and how it can affect pets is the slip resistance of the materials. Sleek flooring options may be aesthetically appealing, but they also increase the chances of your pet sliding and subsequently injuring themselves, particularly when they are running around the house. Although laminate does come in smooth profiles, you also have the option of selecting textured surfaces that would be ideal for your pet. Embossed finishes enhance the slip resistance of the laminate flooring, and this can save you from additional vet costs.

Laminate flooring offers effortless maintenance

Having a pet means your home is at higher risk of messes and spills, just as it would be with a young child. From bathroom accidents when potty training your pet to food receptacles being knocked over, chances are you will be cleaning your floor on a regular basis. Therefore, it would be convenient for you to choose a flooring material such as laminate that is resistant to staining and water damage. Whenever a spill occurs, a quick mop should make your flooring presentable.

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