Keeping Your Carpets and Floors Clean

Three types of floor polish you can use on your timber floor

Floor polishing is an essential part of the maintenance of your timber floor. It helps to keep it clean and increases the life of your floor, as well as giving it an attractive appearance. There are three main types of floor polish, and you should consider carefully which one is right for your floor.


Gloss gives a shiny finish that is very common, especially in commercial premises — you have probably noticed it in buildings such as gyms or schools. It is very reflective and gives a gleaming new look to your floor, and it can be a good choice for rooms without a lot of light, as it will make them look brighter and larger. It will also offer better protection to your floor if it gets a lot of use, although it can show up scratches and scuffs. Gloss finishes are also easy to clean and will not soak up any spillages. A regular vacuum and mop should be all you need to do to keep it in good condition.


A matte finish is more or less the opposite to gloss. It will not provide a shiny finish and can look a little dull, but this can provide an attractive rustic and authentic surface to your home. It will not show up scratches and other damage as much as a gloss surface and so may be a more suitable option if you have pets or children who can easily damage the timber, although you should bear in mind that spillages can discolour the wood if they are not quickly mopped up. You might want to use mats and furniture pads to protect the wood. You should also use a vacuum cleaner that is specially designed for hardwood floors, as the beater bar in ordinary machines can damage the surface.


Satin finishes are a middle ground between gloss and matte. It is shinier than matte, but not as much as gloss. Some people feel that a gloss finish looks artificial in a domestic property, but equally feel that matte can look a little dull. A satin finish can be an ideal solution and will provide a compromise between lustre and durability.

If you are in any doubt, a floor polishing service will be able to give advice and suggest the finish that best suits your home. You will then know that the work is carried out to a professional standard.