Keeping Your Carpets and Floors Clean

Reasons to Re-Oil Your Oiled Timber Flooring Periodically

Penetrating oil is a popular choice of timber floor finishes among homeowners because it infiltrates the wood grains and strengthens the wood fibres, giving a truly functional and aesthetic flooring system. For your oiled timber flooring to continue looking great and last longer, it will need to be properly maintained — as with any other timber flooring system. Occasionally re-oiling your oiled timber floors will help restore the beauty of your wood, which may be lost over time due to continuous use of the floors, but also help enhance the durable nature of wood. 

Continue reading on below to find out the benefits you stand to gain by applying oil on your oiled wood floor on a periodic basis.

It protects your wood from surface damage: Over time, the oiled finish on your wood floors will wear off, leaving the floors vulnerable to surface damage such as staining and scratches. By applying the oil finish on a periodic basis, you will be reinstating the layer of protection that helps prevent staining and scratching on the surface of your wood. In addition, abrasive elements such as dust and dirt will not get into the wood pores and intrusive ultraviolet rays from sunlight will not discolour your wood floors. If you are looking to get the most service life out of your oiled wood floors, occasionally applying a new coat of oil on the surface of the wood is imperative.

It makes floor maintenance so much easier: As the oil finish on your wood floors wears off over time, more dirt will get trapped into the pores of the wood, making your floors to gradually lose its original lustre and colour. Well-oiled wood flooring demand less upkeep because dust and other forms of dirt can be easily removed from the surface of the floors. All that will be needed to keep your floors clean and beautiful is regularly vacuuming and/or damp mopping. It is important to ensure you use the right cleaning products so as to avoid damaging your oiled timber floors. Also, make sure you use cleaning methods that are recommended by your timber flooring manufacturer or supplier.

The best way to ensure effective re-oiling of your oiled wood floors is to hire a professional floor service to do the refinishing for you. They will charge you for their services, but they will help you get the most out of your investment.