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4 Benefits of Installing Floating Timber Flooring in Your Home

When you first hear the term floating floor, you may imagine some kind of magical material which can defy gravity. However, in reality, a floating floor is somewhat more prosaic. This term refers to pieces of flooring which have not been fixed in place using nails or glue. Instead, the pieces of timber are simply laid down on top of the existing floor surface and slotted into position. Below is a guide to 4 of the benefits of installing floating timber floors in your home.

Floating timber is easy to install

Because floating timber flooring does not require you to nail or glue sections of wood, it is incredibly easy to install in your home. All you need to do is to is to lay out the pieces of wood, so they slot into place with each other. When you reach a wall, you will need to cut the pieces of timber which will be used along the edge of the room, so they sit flush with the brick. It is so easy you can lay a floating timber floor yourself; however,, if you decide that DIY isn't for you, you can always ask a contractor to complete the job. Because the contractor will be able to complete the job quickly, this will reduce the cost of using their services.

Floating timber looks great

Floating timber flooring is becoming increasingly popular in Australia because of the wide range of different styles which are available. You can choose between Oak, Jarrah, Cedar, Pine and Merbau. Whichever wood you choose, you can be sure that the finished floor will look fantastic.

Floating timber help to prevent noise pollution

Timber floating flooring is lined with a section of underlay which provides a little bit of bounce in the flooring and which also help to act as insulation against noise pollution. If you live in an apartment and you like to listen to music or to have the volume on your TV turned up high, you may be concerned that the people who live below will be disturbed by the ambient sounds. Floating flooring is a great way of stopping this problem.

Floating timber allows the floor to expand and contract naturally

Finally, using floating timber will allow the floor to naturally expand and contract when the temperature in your home rises or falls at different times of the year. This natural movement can help to prevent damage such as cracks or warping.

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