Keeping Your Carpets and Floors Clean

Benefits of Carpet Tiles for Pet Owners

As a pet owner, you know how difficult it can be to have carpet. Pets can cause a variety of issues with your carpet over their lifespan. The misconception is that pet stains and issues will stop after the pet is housebroken. The truth is, pets can cause stains and odors throughout their lifespan, and especially in the much younger and much older years. One way to counteract that and have a beautiful carpet is go with carpet tiles. Here are a few of the benefits to carpet tiles that you should consider.

Self Installation

One of the main benefits to using carpet tiles in your home as a pet owner is the self installation. Tiles can be placed over vinyl or hardwood floors as well as over foundation floors after older carpet has been removed. The tiles can either be placed using tile adhesive tabs or with an interlocking design that works in a similar way to a puzzle piece. You will need very basic tools, such as carpet knife and measuring tools, to make precise cuts in order for some tiles to fit around appliances and curves of the room. In most cases, heavy duty carpeting installation tools are not required.

Removable Tiles

If you have a carpet tile that becomes heavily soiled, you can simply remove that tile for cleaning. This allows you the advantage to scrub that tile and get the tile section clean and sanitized easily. Though you can clean regular carpet that is heavily soiled, you will need a carpet cleaning appliance, and you may not get the carpet as dry as you would like. This means water can become trapped and cause mildew or mould. Tiles can air dry and be placed back into place once they are cleaned and dry, avoiding a mould or mildew issue.

Easy Replacement

You will have some instances, as a pet owner, where the pet stain and odor simply ruins a tile. With traditional carpet, you would have to either hide the stain or end up replacing the entire carpeted area. With carpet tiles, you are able to replace the tiles that are heavily stained with fresh new tiles. This means you can simply pop out the damaged tile and replace that tile with a fresh new one. Keep in mind, if you are concerned with heavily soiled carpet due to an older pet, you may want to consider purchasing an extra box of tiles as replacement tiles for these situations.

Carpet tiles are available at most home improvement and home supply stores. You can also order tiles directly from the manufacturer to get the exact colour and style you are looking for. If carpet tiles sound ideal for your needs, contact your local home improvement or carpet dealer for options and pricing.